About Us

SuciaWe are hoping to begin publishing articles by sometime in May of this year.  At present, we do not anticipate needing much lead-time between submission of an article and its inclusion in the magazine, assuming we accept it for publication.  We have no “deadline” for submissions.  Our view may change depending on how many articles we receive in future.

our-times.org does not have a word or page limit.  We caution, however, that shorter material is more likely to be read, particularly by those, including me, who are not ecstatic over reading lengthy material on-line.  For long articles, you might consider submitting chapters.   That is, submit the article for staged publication over two or more issues.

Consider submitting a picture or two, either in support of your article or simply to show your face, should you desire.  We do ask that you provide a brief biographical sketch along with your article.  We would like to include the sketch to tell us and your readers something about you.  Note, however, we will not publish personal information such as addresses and contact information.  We will treat your contact information as confidential.  Persons wanting to comment on your article are able to do so in the comment provision following your article, and, of course, you will be able to see any comment(s).

February 2018