our-times.org – Version 2.0

Some three years ago, Father Fred Heard, his wife Adair and others including a very talented webmaster, Leonard Kohout, launched a progressive on-line journal called “our-times.org.”  Father Fred served as publisher along with authoring articles, and Adair served as editor.  That endeavor continued for nearly two years and attracted writers and readers from all over the world.  The magazine included discussion of a variety of issues about contemporary politics and social matters, medicine and subjects relevant to contemporary life.  As time went by, however, the press of  business and other interests and obligations resulted in the end of publication.

I was one of the writers for “our-times.org.”  I was sorry the effort came to an end, particularly with the arrival of a new administration in Washington D.C. and what I considered to be a flood of actions and statements that called out for comment.  Fred and I discussed re-starting the magazine, and made efforts to do so, including the employment of a web publishing firm, BeagleTech,  to deal with on-line organization, graphics and whatever else goes into publishing a magazine in the electronic ether.  Our efforts progressed until we concluded I would serve to coordinate and publish the magazine.  My status as an aging retiree made me the likely candidate to take on the somewhat more difficult and time-consuming than I had imagined task of offering an on-line magazine.

As before, the resurrected  “our-times.org” will be a progressive journal.  As an opinion-publishing endeavor, our-times.org cares about our country and the world, international relations, climate change, medicine and human society and culture.  We seek sober, but not necessarily humorless, well-considered opinion on matters of human concern.  We want our writers to be careful with facts and references, and we want to encourage debate.  We do not want to be a vehicle for shrieks, insults, or other merely disruptive comment.  We want to encourage a variety of opinions from a variety of perspectives.  Need I say, however, we are not interested in opinions or conclusions supported by  “alternative facts” or other fiction.  We subscribe to the view that facts should lead to opinion and that opinion should not dictate facts.

Please consider joining us.  We are seeking articles and are hoping to begin publication this spring.  You can find an article submission policy under the “CONTACT” heading on our opening page.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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