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Some three years ago, Father Fred Heard, his wife Adair and others including a very talented webmaster, Leonard Kohout, launched a progressive on-line journal called “”  Father Fred served as publisher along with authoring articles, and Adair served as editor.  That endeavor continued for nearly two years and attracted writers and readers from all over the world.  The magazine included discussion of a variety of issues about contemporary politics and social matters, medicine and subjects relevant to contemporary life.  As time went by, however, the press of  business and other interests and obligations resulted in the end of publication.

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We are hoping to begin publishing articles by sometime in April of this year.  At present, we do not anticipate needing much lead-time between submission of an article and its inclusion in the magazine, assuming we accept it for publication.  We have no “deadline” for submissions.  Our view may change depending on how many articles we receive in future. does not have a word or page limit.  We caution, however, that shorter material is more likely to be read, particularly by those, including me, who are not ecstatic over reading lengthy material on-line.  For long articles, you might consider submitting chapters.   That is, submit the article for staged publication over two or more issues.

Continue reading “ – Overview” – Submission Policy is a progressive on-line magazine.  We want your comments and articles on political and social matters primarily from a progressive standpoint.  We are not a vehicle for commercial use or for advertising anything for sale or rent.  We will not entertain raw diatribe, or hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or defamatory material.  We will not accept anything urging violence or that is otherwise harmful, destructive or illegal.

We want your thoughts and opinions, not those of someone else.  That is, your submissions to us, including any photographs, should be your own.  You may not incorporate someone else’s material as if it were yours.  In this regard, we caution that written material and photographs that appear available on the internet may not be available legally for your use.  Check first.  If you feel a published work is important to your article or comment, provide citation so your readers can look at the work for themselves.

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